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Holiday Peppermint Oobleck!

There’s always time for scientific discovery, even during the hustle and bustle of this hectic season. Here’s an easy Oobleck recipe that will keep little holiday hands busy. Wait, hold on. What in the world is Oobleck?! Oobleck is a non-Newtonian fluid, which means it can have the appearance and feel of both a solid and a liquid. Back when Sir Isaac Newton was coming up with his scientific principles and laws hundreds of years ago, he stated law on viscosity. Viscosity is the property of a li

National STEM Day Activities!

Invite the whole crew over for National STEM Day this November 8th with a science-, technology-, engineering-, and math-themed playdate! National STEM Day began in 2015, as our nation began to recognize that STEM-centered careers were growing 70 percent faster than other occupations. Research has shown the introduction of STEM concepts to children can improve their social and emotional development, as well as their rational thinking skills. STEM really goes beyond conveying knowledge from teac

Nuts About Acorns!

Besides the sound of crunching leaves, the pitter-patter of acorns falling onto the sidewalk is another iconic rhythm of autumn. We see squirrels run off with them, but what else do we know about this “fruit of the oak tree”? With a little help from Learning Resources’ Alphabet Acorns Activity set, let’s explore the acorn and its many layers. What is an acorn? The acorn is indeed a nut, and is the fruit of the oak tree. Only oak trees produce acorns. One acorn contains a single seed, and is e

Thanksgiving Crafts of Gratitude!

With all the go-go-go of the holiday season, the reason for this special time of year can get lost in the shuffle. Carve out some quality time with the family with these reflective and creative crafts that will encourage your children to count their blessings. • White paper plate, or white paper to cut into a circle • Sticky letters (or you can always write your own) Trace out a white circle for the pie shape, using construction paper (if you grabbed a paper plate, you are all set). Use a bowl

DIY Leftover Halloween Candy Experiment!

Another successful Halloween will soon be in the books. Between the costumes and parties, carving and all that spooking, so much candy has probably made its way into your home. So why not solve this gargantuan sugar epidemic with a science project that will make your little chemists want to do something with their candy other than eat it? Try a Skittles Liquid Rainbow! Skittles are a popular choice to hand out for trick-or-treating, as they are considered a safe go-to for those with allergies

Be Cold & Flu Season Ready: DIY Hand Sanitizer!

The chill in the air! The crunch of the leaves! The sights and sounds of autumn are here! Everything is cozy and crisp and wonderful and…ACHOO! As the first sneeze of the season rings through your house, it can only mean one thing: cold and flu season is upon us. Let’s prepare together by making a cost-effective, all-natural hand sanitizer to keep those nasty germs at bay. This easy activity opens up discussions on practicing healthy habits during this germ-filled time of year. Here are a few

DIY Candy Corn Butter Slime!

There isn’t a ghoul or goblin around who doesn’t love slime. But us crypt keepers don’t always love the sticky mess it can make in our homes. Making its debut on the slime scene is a “butter” version, and it might very well be the least messiest and easiest to make option out there. The Science Behind It A recipe made with glue, contact lens solution, and modeling clay, butter slime leaves out any spooky Borax or other harmful substances. The white glue used is made up of repeating, identical

Sidewalk Science: Mentos Geysers!

Stand back! The next generation of Mentos-dropped-in-soda scientists are coming through! The chewy, minty candy has been plopped into two-liter soda bottles for years. Often used by science teachers, it’s the quintessential example to demonstrate the release of carbon dioxide, complete with a real “wow” factor. What is it about carbonated soda and Mentos? What about the reaction makes it fizz and fly? Is there a different reaction with full sugar sodas compared to their diet counterparts? Eno

End of Summer Tie-Dye Beach Towels!

Oh, Summer! Why do you go by so fast? For one last hurrah for 2019, let’s celebrate by creating tie-dye beach towels, incorporating conversations about the color wheel, rainbow order, mixing, and pigment strength all in the comfort of the backyard. Grab some gloves (and some plastic covering if you aren’t on grass – yikes!) and have some imaginative, colorful fun! This activity works best with the widely available spray tie-dye kits. They dry faster and the application is easier for even the yo

1-2-3 The Floor is Lava!

If shouts of this ring out from your living room every day, you are not alone. This jumping game seems to make boys and girls all over focus with next level determination. So why not make a real challenge of it? A “floor is lava” learning game is just what the teacher ordered for same late summer, time-for-school refreshers. Before setting out to make your “stepping stones”, decide which skill your child might need to brush up on before the first school bell rings. Tackling this game with a kin

Top 25 Ways to GEAR Up for the New School Year!

At the start of summer break, didn’t that first day of school feel like eons away? But hey! Here we are! As the dog days of summer come to a close, prepping your little students to restart the academic year is a crucial part to a successful road ahead. As Learning Resources celebrates 25 years of the Gears! Gears! Gears!® building sets, we offer 25 tried-and-true tips for GEARing up to what will no doubt be their best year yet. Let’s hit the ground running! • Re-introduce proper bedtimes and wa

Gears! Gears! Gears! Car Wash

Engineering and summer fun go hand in hand when you take it to the sidewalk with the Gears! Gears! Gears! building sets. Beat the heat by creating a sidewalk-sized car wash, then sending your favorite Learning Resources Gears! Gears! Gears! rolling vehicles through to get that summer shine! We start with the Gears! Gears! Gears! Rover, Cycle, and Motorized On The Move building sets. Opening the boxes and emptying their contents on to our picnic table was just the beginning of the fun. The ope

DIY Flag Day Optical Illusion!

Wave those Stars and Stripes this Flag Day! On June 14, the country will commemorate the history and symbolism of the American flag. The flag we know today was adopted by the Continental Congress as the official pennant on June 14, 1777, during the Revolutionary War. There are 50 stars for each state in the Union, and 13 red and white stripes representing the original colonies. The first Flag Day was celebrated in 1877, on the flag’s 100th birthday. In honor of our banner this Flag Day, let’s

DIY Unpoppable Bubbles Experiment!

But do you ever feel frustrated when they pop so fast? What if there was a solution (a literal solution) that made bubbles last a little bit longer? Below is a bubble mix recipe that will not only make bubbles stronger, but will allow for you to: • Bounce the bubbles from person to person • Blow the bubbles onto different surfaces This bubble solution could not be simpler: 2 cups of water ¼ dish soap 2 tablespoons of glycerin A few pipettes Cotton gloves Cut a pipette on the bigger

DIY Glittery Galaxy Dough!

Playtime is out of this world! With so much in the news lately about NASA’s latest missions, not to mention the first ever image of a black hole recently released, space talk is certainly on the rise. How about making some play dough sure to spark otherworldly conversations about our galaxy? But first, some questions and answers! What is the Milky Way? Our home galaxy is called the Milky Way, and it contains hundreds of billions of stars that burn just like our own sun. That means there are m

DIY Pi Day Skyline!

Each year on March 14, math lovers come together in the universal celebration of National Pi Day. But you don’t have to be a mathematical scholar to enjoy (or understand) what Pi is all about. Let’s explore! Pi is the circumference of a circle (the distance around the circle) divided by its diameter (the distance across). So take at any circle anywhere around the world at any size. The entire distance around the circle will be approximately 3.14 times its length across. Because 3.14 are the fir

DIY Color-Changing Lemonade!

What would make a tall glass of lemonade even sweeter? How about some color-changing science with the help of a special ingredient? Turns out there’s a blue tea widely available on the market that when combined with an acid like lemonade, can change the color of food and drink. Butterfly pea flower is a vividly blue tea, often served in countries in Southeast Asia. Butterfly pea flowers contain a super bright blue pigment called anthocyanin. The flowers have a very earthy, woody smell in their

DIY Presidents' Day Log Cabin!

Four score and hundreds of years ago! Let’s Celebrate Presidents’ Day this February 18 by engineering your own log cabin made of pretzel logs and peanut butter mortar! Log cabins dotted our countryside hundreds of years ago, serving as a symbol of the American pioneering spirit. Nine United States presidents – Andrew Jackson, James Polk, Zachary Taylor, Millard Fillmore, Franklin Pierce, James Buchanan, Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, and James Garfield – we all born in log cabins. Europeans

Finder of Keepers

There are 107 million single adults in the United States. It can be assumed, at any given moment, half of those singles are online simultaneously trying to find love. Overwhelming? For sure. So where to begin? Interview by Stacy Warren Flannery , Drake “As a culture, we are not taught how to date. We can go to school for years, but we have no idea how to pick the right person.” Enter Lindsay Anderson , Washington Univ. (St. Louis) , a professional dating

Remix "A Golden Opportunity"

remix A Golden Opportunity senior at Louisiana State LSU’s Golden Girls first took the field in 1959. From the early days of glittering capes and white boots, the uniform has seen many changes, but there were few upgrades for the past 15 years. Enter New Orleans-based designer and former Golden Girl Suzanne Perron and her new design. Offering a fresh take with a nod to the past, the new uniforms are a vision of tradition and glamour. Suzanne and senior Allie Dornier give a peek into what it’s li
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